How to upgrade SBI Simply Click Credit Card to SBI Cashback???

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Is there anyway to upgrade SBI Simply click card to SBI Cashback. I have checked in the account but there is no upgrade available for it. 

Any SBI card which is better than Simply Click in terms of rewards and Lounge Access. 

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Talking in terms of exclusively from SBI Simply Click to SBI cashback card for an Upgrade is not possible / performed by Bank AFAIK as both cards comes into one Segmentation (Loyalty Rewards) of cards with both as Entry level but different on categorization (Points & Cashback)

Although you Swap for Simply Click with other variants like via Upgrade process Or Upgrade to a Premium Lifestyle Card

You can upgrade to BPCL or BPCL Octane (lounge Access) apart from premier cards upgrade from current card 


Funfacts - A customer is entitled to hold only 3 card from SBI as per general policy

Epilouge - You have to apply separately via SBI Sprint portal as Cashback card is not possible by upgrade
There is no direct upgrade route from the Simply Click card to the SBI CB card


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We dont any rewards points right? And cashback is directly link to statement or we need to claim.

I have sbi simplyclick and earn RP and claim amazon voucher for every 2500 points and also milestone voucher.

Also thinking to upgrade to cashback card

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Just apply for the card via sprint. You will most likely get it.

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Any way to get it LTF?

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if u want to apply for sbi cb card, u can dm me for great referral/cashback program.

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Even if I am already an SBI Card holder (SBI SimplyClick)?
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what is the best card to upgrade from SimplySAVE to next in SBI chain? any suggestion:) it will help out:)

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All the other sbi cards have high fees.

Better switch from simplysave to simplyclick.

Simplyclick is a much better card than simplysave.

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Can anyone suggest SBI SimpleSAVE or SIMPLY CLICK or SBI CASHBACK card?

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SBI Cashback for ONLINE


ditch Simply Click no use if you got SBI Cashback

if you need referral DM me:)  i can guide ya

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