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Already read main details in their page

I need answers to these questions 

.they mentioned 10% on grocery,dining,food delivery.

So which offline stores and online apps eligible for this?

Mostly I shop for groceries in dmart offline and fk grocery online, are these spends eligible ?

If there are any offers, i will buy in other apps/shops also

. Is swiggy and zomato orders eligible for 10% ?

. Local small hotels txns eligible for 10% ?

. How rp credits?

Automatic statement credit option is there?

 Or which options available for redeeming rp?

. Any charges for rp  redemption?

. They mentioned 1.5% on all txns, so education fee, apt. Maintenance, gold purchase etc ( which are excluded in most of the cc) etc eligible to get rp?

. HSBC gyftr purchase gives rp? If yes, how much?

Thank you

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I am using this card from last 6 months.

We will get 10% cashback on dmart and Zomato spends.

Swiggy and fk grocery never tried.

Even local groceries and hotels also we will get cashback ( based on mcc code ).

Cashback will get credit into statement balance after one month.

Limit of 10 % cashback is 1000 per month.

We won't get any cashback on jewellery, wallet, education spends

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Tq kg

Bought any voucher in hsbc gyftr ?

How much % giving?

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For zepto txn, in statement it is showing as paytm ?

Will i get 10% cb ?

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