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Do you still prefer human touch while stocking grocery, ordering food, shopping clothes?

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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Yeah, I still prefer human touch 😊, but, unfortunately, over 90% stocking through online shopping 😔 due to various factors / reasons like better price, convenience, collection / availability etc etc

(*Except ordering food. I prefer 100% home-made food 🍲)

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touch me not

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I only buy eggs and dairy in neighbourhood Kirana.

Rest all, in local supermarket, it's not human touch but yeah humans touch basically.

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Sure they are humans ?

Not Shape Shifting 👽👽

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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I order from online or visit local vendors, and no in between i.e. no supermart like spencers or bigbazar (as they are way more costly)....and touch doesn't matter to me....because the food I eat must be made with human touch!

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Trying to follow physical distancing even crowded publ8c transport since forever.
Unless someone needs help crossing road, needs something which they cannot reach dur to their less height or if boisterous kids might end up running into harm: I do not interact much with unknown others in public.

human touch while stocking grocery: may be for loose items, when one has to check. Surely for fresh produce.

human touch while ordering food: do not really understand the question. Home delivery versus dine in?

Depends. Not a big fan of regularly eating out. And in regular travelling, anyway have to eat at hotels, lodges or canteen/mess.

Do you still prefer human touch shopping clothes?
If regular, known item is there then not that important unless material too is different than usual.

But for occasionwear, purchasing bedlinen and bedsheets for self use: yup, have to check prior to buying or taking even as a gift.
Same for footwear.
Brand Enthusiast Brand Enthusiast
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Grocery has packaged goods and lose items.

Package goods online or offline based on price. Lose Grocery always human touch.

Now a days packaged goods have just 2-3 months shelf life so trying out to buy from dmart.

Clothes, most youngsters prefer see and buy and middle age anything chalta.

Electronics mostly online as offline mint more, my opinion

I dont prefer to order food online and would like to visit the place and eat, but very rare that i eat outside.

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