I don't get any branded things in shopsy Though it is a branch of Flipkart but Flipkart is like they have brands and they have all the expensive things but shopsy has all the cheap stuff

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Why is it so means like what kind of Marketing strategy is it ??
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Shopsy is an app for Resellers. We can resell Shopsy products and earn money. So a lot of retail sellers use Shopsy to sell their products. But those sellers not selling their products on Flipkart. Selling products in Shopsy may be easier than Flipkart according to the policies just like how Meesho products prices will be cheap.


Although Shopsy is the subsidiary of well-known E-commerce company Flipkart. The main motive behind making it is to promote affiliate marketing & targets  users in small towns and cities across India

Shopsy’s two major features, Shopsy Shop, and Shopsy Host, provide users with seamless buying and selling experiences by letting them purchase items from any brand’s page or product catalog or create their digital store to sell products.

Shopsy is particularly appealing to hyperlocal entrepreneurs, drop shippers, and those seeking value-based products in Tier 2-3 towns

Shopsy has a unique approach. It allows customers to bargain with sellers, potentially resulting in lower prices. Additionally, Shopsy provides exclusive deals and promotions that help customers save money. Meanwhile, Flipkart offers discounts on select products and cashback offers, making it more appealing to budget-conscious shoppers


In summary, while Flipkart is a traditional e-commerce platform with a wide range of products and services, Shopsy is a social commerce platform that allows individuals to become sellers and earn commissions on sales through their social networks


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Products  quality  on shopsy  is worst  than  street  sellers 

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Same strategy like snakedeal and shopclues

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