I ordered from Moglix Contour plus strips 50x 3 toal 150 and received Contour C plus strips 25 x 3 total 75. No response from them on phone, customer support

Deal Newbie

I had ordered 50 X 3 ie. 150 Contour Plus strips. The order was confirmed and I made a payment of Rs.2107/- . All good so far.

Instead of receiving 150 strips I received a box of 25 x 3 Contour C plus kits ( I dont know what is in the box as I must not open it if I have to return it). The Invoice mentions Contour C plus strips 25 x3 total 75.

I immediately wrote on the phone app about the wrong delivery. But the reply was I did not understand your question. I asked for Manager but again " I cannot understand your question". Today on 21st Aug 2023 I tried to call them on number 9999049135 which is supposed to be available 365 days and night. The reply is - this number does not exist. Opened their chat on the App - no one responds. I have never experienced such poor service. It seems they are interested only until they receive the money. I am still hopeful they will respond but does not seem likely. Will write a follow up review if they act.

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