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I want to enter trade at 9:15 (without any indicator conditions)

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I want to enter two BUY trades, at a time after market open. I want to buy both CE and PE ATM Banknifty each 1 lot, and after exiting the target i have to re enter the same again.

How can i do this without any indicator conditions ???

Can some one help with this ???
Because i am losing hope with Streak..

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What is indicator conditions

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explain in layman terms

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place order in premarket from 9:00 AM to 9:07AM

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Only algo can execute these trades. Try some algo in markets still they have some 8-10 seconds latency depends on the broker.

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You have to use any algo to do this. There is some platform like tradetron, streak etc. I am using one Banknifty algo which is performing good as of now, you can paper trade if you want.

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