ICICI account downgrade!


I have Gold Privilege account in ICICI with 50k MAB. I want to convert it to regular savings account with 10k MAB. How to do it ? I upgraded from 10k MAB to 50K MAB for offers but in last one year they haven’t given any offers. So wanting to downgrade it now and move to some other bank. 

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Hunk Hunk
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Close hi krdo downgrade kya krna. Icici never give shopping or related offers on accounts, what did you expected. If you are talking about Credit cards offers then ask them once.

Benevolent Benevolent
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No credit card, home loan, car loan or personal loan offers I am getting. Meanwhile most of my friends have all these offers in zero balance account without maintaining anything. I don’t know what is going on in my account. I have been maintaining more than 2 lakhs since one year. On top of that they have rejected credit card application in last three years for 8 times. I have all other bank credit cards. 

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Critic Critic
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I was upgraded automatically without permission to privilege banking. If I don't maintain adequate balance will there be mab (balance ) charges ?

Edit - Nevermind, it's still showing MAB requirement of a regular account as before.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Using ICICI account since 10 years as a Salary account.

They used to keep calling me if I want to avail personal loan or home loan for many years.

And when I actually applied for a loan of 78% of the property value, they rejected it. LOL joy

HDFC approved my Loan within 2 hours and Disbursement amount within 3 days

Again these ICICI guys are calling me to avail or transfer home loan.

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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write to BM

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