ICICI Amazon Pay & MMT Platinum Credit Card - Shared Limit Questions

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Hello, I have been reading forum discussion on applying for MMT Platinum if we have Amazon Pay credit card. I see people mentioning as shared limit and also some have mentioned MMT Platinum limit got increased later. Can anyone clarify the below?

1. If APAY card has 1.5L, then MMT Plat will also have the same limit shared? Like, if I spend 50 thousand on APAY card, then MMT Plat will have 1 L balance available to spend?

2. Will there be any credit enquire on CBIL or other credit agencies?  How will these 2 cards show on the credit report?

3. If ICICI increases MMT Plat limit, will it then be seperated out of shared limit? How does this work? How does the credit report show?

Thanks in advance.

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1. Yes

2. No enquiry. They will show as separate cards on cibil.

3. No.

The only thing you should know is that you can use only upto the limit provided on each card.

And if limit gets increased on one card that are shared then it doesn’t mean they get separated. That only means you have one card with higher limit. And if you utilizse some amount on one card, then only remaining limit can be utilizsed on the other. 

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