ICICI Bank - How to open account by having agent visit home?

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ICICI Bank - How to open account by having agent visit home?

I would like to open ICICI account in offline way using "Electoral Voter Id" and "PAN" as proofs, so not want to go with online process of aadhar, so can anyone suggest me on how to achieve this

I visited nearest ICICI bank branch they said minimum AMB is 50,000 kinda like they can make 10,000 but for 2 months one has to maintain 50,000 on account as transactions as its year end march

lol not good, so any other way to get ICICI agent to home to open account? dont want aadhaar online process

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Which place you visited? I read ICICI not opening 10K MAB in many forums..

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At Chennai from Tamil Nadu, i never expected this bizzare response from ICICI bank staffs lol ya 10K they are not even looking at... minimum is 25k in past that branch told that when i checked with them but was not able to open account that time

but when i am really ready to open account now they are saying 50k lol

Its crazy 

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The moment you present your if's and but's, the same moment they will make your task uneasier to accomplish.

Try different branch and this time indulge in conversation asking information of FD.

 Trick would be you can ask to open FD only, they will definitely present you with zero balance account instantly. Just remember to say in repeatedly " I don't need account". 

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Why they play this irritating game when we say if's and but's grrrr wont my minimum balance account help them maintain CASA ratio of their bank? but they are gladly turning me down lol

Axis was so welcoming 4 years before but now Axis also diminished and behaving similar to ICICI

now my only safe heaven is HDFC , HDFC is so welcoming so much these days they even welcome you nicely inside the bank and respond more than enough for a single query you put with them

Already have 2 Axis and 1 HDFC account just wanted to add this ICICI to get the trio banks done with buttttt this ICICI is pain... why they are not putting effort to have a new onboarding customer lol grrrrr weird bank 
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