ICICI Coral Rupay credit card, worth it ?

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I am getting coral rupay credit card offer as pre approved. I am getting lifetime free. I already have amazon ICICI card. Should I get this coral card evaluating following questions in mind?

This card gives four complimentary airport and railway lounge access. Is the minimum spend of 5000 per quarter necessary for Rupay, to avail lounge access? In visa varient its necessary, what about rupay varient?

The reward points on coral is completely useless.

I already have 16 airport lounge access on other cards

ICICI Coral card offering- 25% discount upto Rs. 100 on BookMyShow, Inox with two movie tickets, but convenience fee on ticket booking makes this feature not so exciting.


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There are alot of cards which offer B1G1 movie tickets.

If you already hold a basic ICICI CC, then its ok to switch to this card. Else look for other cards.

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Bhai jab tum logo ko pata hai ki card lena chahiye ya nhi to phir dusro se kya puchna chayie....tumko mangta hai to lene ka nhi ignore karne ka.....phir bhi tumhe jana hai ki lena hai ya nhi .....agar pehle se Rupay card nhi hai to definately lene ka....dusra tumhara pass koi core card nhi hai to lene ka kyunki Amazon card excluding rahta hai.... tiara tumko reward ache ho to.... axis kiwi/bob Snapdeal/tata neu lene ka

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Is advise ke liye pucha tha.. thanks

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This is additional card and lifetime free.

Minimum spend of 5000 per quarter is ICICI coral credit card feature not RuPay or visa card feature.

So, yes, you need to spend minimum spend of 5000 per quarter.

You can use this card for RuPay credit card offers too.

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is the airport lounges be same as other rupay card or icici decide?
icici have lounges list for coral visa and master but not showing of rupay
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Go for it if you do not have another RuPay CC or your existing RuPay CC does not support UPI on RuPay. If you  use
BookMyShow once in a while and have no other card that gives you anything OFF on BMS then this is a plus. It is pre-approved and there will be no paperwork or other headaches.

Otherwise ignore it. I got this offer too. However, I already have at least 3 other CCs that offer B1G1 on BMS, I have a RuPay CC. I am missing UPI on RuPay but that is not a feature I have ever needed to use. That said, I am waiting for Tata Neu Plus / Infinity to be offered LTF. That is certainly a better card then this one.

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-every LTF card is worth it

-railway lounges

-airport lounges

-bank offers

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Failed and Refund transactions are very worst in this card so beware

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