ICICI: Navi Mutual Fund Payee not showing on website but visible on iMobile app

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I have a very weird issue with my wife's ICICI account. We are investing in Navi Total Market mutual fund and as people may know, Navi doesn't have its own website or anything and we can invest only through various third parties like CAMS Online (previously Kfintech), zerodha etc etc.

Now, before they transitioned to CAMS Online (from Kfintech), I had registered the URN when I created the folio on Kfintech. My money started getting deducted too fine from ICICI account. But the surprising part is that when I go to check the payees, I see this Navi one no where. Due to this, there is absolutely no way (from ICICI website) to actual delete the payee but just few days before the date of SIP deduction, I will see the SIP in scheduled transaction with its URN number and all.

Then one day, I was checking iMobile in her phone and there I found the payee listed and I was able to delete it from there. 

Does anyone know why the payee is not visible on ICICI website but visible under iMobile app? 

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Single app for Navi loans and MF? Dangerous...

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Confused about your reply. Can you elaborate?
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Is the SIP done via ACH/autopay mandate?.. Then some banks might not show it in their app.. U have to go and delete in the broker app to stop it 

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No, there is no eMandate. It is proper URN registration that I did manually by doing "Register Payee" in icici bank website.
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