ICICI Preapproved Coral CC vs Amazon CC (Advice Needed)

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HI Guys,

I currently have a new diners privellage cc, and I do not have a credit score yet.

I am currently getting ICICI coral ltf pre-approved on my salary account.

However, I actually wanted an Amazon pay card.

My questions are:

1) If I take the coral card, will there be a hard check on my credit score (or not since its pre-approved)

2) WIll taking the coral card increase the chances of getting amazon pay?

3) Should I ignore coral and directly try applying for amazon pay despite not having a credit score

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Get the coral LTF now and you can get Amazon card instantly in future based on coral. For me, they didn't do any hard enquiry in CIBIL so might be the same for u.
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1. No checks for pre-approved CCs

2. With any ICICI CC, you can get Apay via C2C (Someone got APay just a month after getting his first ICICI CC, so timelines might be different now.. for better)

3. You can opt for direct applications since you're salaried but since you're new to Credit Score and cards its best to opt for pre-approved / C2C options wherever available 

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Where do I check for pre approved apay card?
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Dude how come you got Diner even without a CIBIL score ..?? 

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1. Maybe it's a brand new card that will take a couple of months to show up on CIBIL.

2. Maybe it's an add-on card.

3. Maybe it's an FD-based card.
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I got AmazonPay credit card pre approved by C2C. On 6 May 2022, I got Coral pre-approved credit card which I hardly use due to rewardless card. Yesterday I got the banner generate your Apay card instantly by existing ICICI credit card. Just take the coral card & wait for the offer. 
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Did ICICI do a hard check for coral?
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I have an Amazon Pay card and no other relationship with ICICI. What is the easiest way to get LTF Coral credit from ICICI?

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No inquiry for preapproved ICICI cards

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Take coral. for card based offers Apay is usually useless. You can get Apay later onwards. 🙂

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