ICICI_Sapphiro Credit Card (Showing Joining Fee : NIL Annual Fee: NIL)

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Hey Dimers,

I wanted to apply for a LTF ICICI Credit card ..So I applied from their site & after all the CIBIL checks & checking Salary Income statements , I was offered various credit cards out of which I see ICICI Sapphiro Credit card & Rubyx showing Joining & Annual Fee as "NIL". Should I be applying the same now or will there be a twist for it as far as any charges are concerned?

I already hold a small savings A/c with them but that's dormant. Please guide!! TIA

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Sapphiro is the higher variant so prefer that if getting both as ltf option. It seems icici is considering your salary statement for eligibility so savings acc status shouldn't matter.

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Take the Sapphiro without second thoughts. Not many are able to get it as LTF even with savings or salary accounts. Take screenshots of every step of your application process. Most importantly where it shows fee as NIL.

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Yeah after all the CIBIL & Aadhar authentication, I took the screenshot of the Sapphiro Card with my name on it & mentioned on left side that both Joining &Annual Fee as NIL..Took only this screenshot...It also had my IP address on webpage! @prem4998 @guest_999
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It would be LTF.

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Any experience you could share?
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I also got a call from ICICI credit Card Team... They are offering me LTF Credit Card. They told me 5 icici card as part of LTF offer including Sapphiro. Is it worth it take this card. Or any other ICICI Card. Provide valuable suggestion

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Same here.
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For pre approved credit cards whether  vkyc is required?

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