IDFC Sending Invitation to Join Digital Rupee - e₹

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Dear Customer,

IDFC FIRST Bank is delighted to invite you to participate in the first pilot of Digital Rupee (e₹), a new form of digital currency launched by the Reserve Bank of India. e₹ is a legal tender, similar to the sovereign paper currency, and is issued in digital form by the Reserve Bank of India.

You are selected to be a part of the Closed User Group (CUG) and this opportunity will provide a glimpse of the future of digital currency in India. You can transact in e₹ through a convenient and safe digital wallet being offered by IDFC FIRST Bank. This e₹ wallet will be like your physical wallet in digital form, on your android device.

Please download the e₹ (Digital Rupee) App from here link and follow the steps below to activate:

  • Allow permissions & accept the T&C’s
  • Verify SIM using your mobile number registered with IDFC FIRST Bank
  • Activate & secure your e₹ wallet by creating a 6-digit PIN
  • Select the account linked to your Debit Card & enter the details
  • Load money in e₹ wallet to transact securely with ease
Steps to load & make payments using e₹ (Digital Rupee) wallet
  • On the home page of the app, click ‘Load’
  • Enter the amount or select denominations by swiping up for the amount you want to add & click on ‘Load e₹’
  • You can now add e₹ to your wallet from your IDFC FIRST Bank Savings Account or from different UPI apps
  • Make e₹ (Digital Rupee) payments to any individual or merchant who has an e₹ wallet or scan e₹ (Digital Rupee) QR code
For any queries, click link to visit the FAQ section or contact our customer care at 1800 10 888.
Always You First,
We are not SEBI/IRDA registered. The information provided herein is for education purposes only. We will not be responsible for any of your profit/loss with this channel's suggestions. Consult your financial advisor before making any decisions.
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Spearhead Spearhead
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this is for mumbai and delhi only 

Talk-Of-The-Town Talk-Of-The-Town
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I don't see the need to use this as of now.
Benevolent Benevolent
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If they are giving 15 lacs in it for joining then sure
Post Emperor Post Emperor
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Hows this different than normal upi rolleyes

Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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will have no involvement of bank.....
its like physical money but in digital form in android app
Helpful Helpful
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of no use

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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I made an account yesterday. The e₹ can be used only at merchants who  is accept e₹. They have a special QR code for that. or otherwise can be transacted with other user. None of the people I know are using it.

The design of eRupee notes are nice and looks like an NFT

Benevolent Benevolent
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😌Screen shot please 

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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Just a question, what difference is between money in Paytm wallet and money in Digital Rupee wallet ?

Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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ICICI was sending such invites around 2 months back on a pan India basis. You have to "load" i.e transfer money from your savings account to digital rupee wallet for operating it.

Uncalled for nuisance imho. 

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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I also have received invitation from ICICI bank today. It's nice initiatives to transact online which gives feeling of transacting actual currency, without fear of fake notes... 

It may take time to get it going.. 

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