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If I port to Jio from Airtel, what will happen to my Airtel Payment Bank account?

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If I port to Jio from Airtel, what will happen to my Airtel Payment Bank account? Will it remain intact or will I won’t be able to login to the account.

Also tell me, is airtel still giving grace pack for preventing the customer from doing mnp? I want to port the sim and have one APB linked to that number. smile smile smile smile

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Pro Entertainer Pro Entertainer
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Im not an airtel user but i don’t think you should have to be airtel customer to have APB.

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Yes, it will still work irrespective of which network you port to.

Pro Tech Guru Pro Tech Guru
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Nothing will happen …

Blaze Blaze
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APB is completely separate from Airtel telecom network. Though the CC/agents may tell you otherwise to retain you. I was on BSNL when I opened APB. The agent happily opened it. Then when I had come home, he remembered his MNP target and started calling me for porting to airtel to continue using APB. I blatantly declined and remembered “Jago grahak jago”

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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lol... it will also get ported to jio bank 😂😂😂😂 nothing will happen it will work normally
Benevolent Benevolent
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is apb giving some benefit to its users?

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Is anyone able transfer the amount from airtel bank to any other bank through UPI? I am unable to do for the last five days.
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 i am facing same issue since i ported to jio.....did you get any resolution
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Benevolent Benevolent
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There's no issue. I had ported my Airtel no. to Jio in Jan. Thereafter changed the registered no. to a different one belonging to Vi. 

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