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Today all of a sudden I received a message from ITD. Here are the details of the message and e-campaign portal. Please guide if anything needs to be done from my end.



The message came from my uncle's phone. He is a regular taxpayer. Never done any significant transactions.

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Your post isn't clear, try to add more context. Also, who exactly got the message? Asking because:

I received a message from ITD, if anything needs to be done from my end.

The message came from my uncle's phone, He is a regular taxpayer.

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Sorry for the unclear post. The message is received by my uncle on his phone. He is a regular tax payer.
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I got the same message just now. Can you look under the AIS tab to see if any transactions show up there. I can see some transactions in mine that I never did.

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The income tax department on Sunday said it has started sending emails and SMSs to assessees whose taxes paid during the current fiscal are not commensurate with financial transactions.

The department is undertaking an e-campaign, which aims to inform such persons/entities of significant financial transactions, through email (marked as Advance Tax e-Campaign-Significant Transactions for AY 2024-25) and SMS, urging them to compute their advance tax liability correctly and deposit the due advance tax on or before March 15.

In a statement, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) said the income tax department has received certain information on specific financial transactions undertaken by persons/entities during the Financial Year (FY) 2023-24.

On the basis of analysis of the taxes paid so far during the current financial year, the Department has identified such persons/entities where payment of taxes for FY 2023-24 (AY 2024-25) is not commensurate with the financial transactions made by the persons/entities concerned, during the said period,” the CBDT said.

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This is just to get feedback about your AIS reporting

Just check your AIS SFT reporting, and you can mark the appropriate option and submit.

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I just checked mine and they reported 7 HAVELLS india share sold, total sold amount 87lakh+ anguished
And some duplicate mutual fund entry.

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Mine says stocks sold worth 7 crores. Insane.

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