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"Indians don't love cricket. They love to watch India play cricket" - How India Stole and Killed Cricket

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How India Stole and Killed Cricket 

India did not kill cricket. India revived cricket with money 


The game’s last hope is that the people who care make their voices heard and their presence felt

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Killed cricket?😅

It is verymuch alive based on viewership😅

Even now 80% of outdoor team games is cricket. (Among people, for casual play)

It is loosing its importance just becoz of the Study curriculum which failed to include some sports in between. 

Didnt watch that documentary yet but will watch.

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Do Watch the Documentary It is Insightful
As of November 2023, there are 108 ICC members, with 12 full members and 96 associate members
But there are only 6 proper members and only ten teams played in world cup recently
Although ICC wants us to believe that cricket is being played in many countries but sadly it isn't true!
Cricket have over many billions viewership But mostly from ASIAN countries (Including India as the Biggest viewership) along with minority from Australia / England etc.
And this viewership too mainly because of prominent betting during the games 
Betting market is on fire for Cricket World Cup
Sports Betting Trends in a Mobile-First India  Game betting has changed how many watch sports


Albeit Cricket as outdoor Sports is still popular but gradually diminishing 

As you said rightly , Cricket might still be alive but not for so obvious reasons or for so it used to be earlier

Post Emperor Post Emperor
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Don't take YouTubers so seriously they make these kinds of baseless and factless nonsense videos only for views and likes

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Yeah I agree All is done for views But sometimes  they Do spit FACTS for such views & I felt this is one of them owing to the latest situation 
If you already watched it You can relate to the actual world scenarios of what was spoken in there & what is actually happening out there in the cricket World !
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After Mahadev app, money laundering case against 8 betting apps over 2023 IPL matches

The ED’s move stems from a First Information Report (FIR) filed by Viacom18, the media company, highlighting the unauthorized streaming of IPL tournaments on platforms such as Fairplay causing substantial financial losses exceeding Rs 100 crore to the company.

The FIR pointed out that during the 2023 IPL season, Viacom18 held the broadcasting rights but these apps, unlawfully live-streamed matches and facilitated illegal betting on ongoing games


Enforcement Directorate (ED) had conducted search operations against the money laundering networks linked with the alleged Mahadev Book Online Betting app, which had led to the recovery of cash of Rs 5.39 crore and a bank balance of Rs 15.59 crore

Viacom18’s anti-piracy team had earlier identified seven apps, including Pikashow, Foxi, Vedu, Smart Player Lite app, Film Plus app, Tea TV app, and Wow TV app, for allegedly streaming content illegally. Subsequently, it was discovered that the Fairplay app, from March 31, 2023, to April 7, 2023, had illegally live-streamed Tata IPL matches, adding to the array of legal challenges faced by the app


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