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Induction vs gas stove running cost?

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Now that gas cylinder prices are touching 1k is it cheaper to switch to induction cook top?
How many units of electricity will be consumed by induction cooktop if used by a family of four(2 adults+2 children) to do all the cooking?
Can all indian dishes like roti dal dosa non veg be cooked on induction cooktop?
Any cons of using induction cooktop?

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Since, induction cooking is fast, I think its cheaper.

We have switched to more of induction cooking.

Can’t tell about the cost comparison

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Does it increase electricity bill? Just like a geyser etc?

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Some tell this in reference to delhi , where there is piped gas and electricity bill is subsidised upto certain extent but also i creased exponentially after crossing a threshold

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Assuming family of 4…1 cylinder will last for 1.5 months approx..
Consider 2Hr of daily gas use Induction will take 4 units daily (2000w). Or close to 120 units a month’s extra ..180 unit for 1.5 months ..
Approx cost for 180 unit Rs.1250 or so ..
Gas is still cheaper I think

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Plus induction requires separate bartan as well

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Gas is cheaper unless you have a solar setup

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induction heating is much more efficient than gas. 84%vs44%. If we take domestic charges for electricity, induction heating will cost you 40 % less as compared to using gas. It is safer and you can cook even in enclosed area without the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire hazards.

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If induction stove is cheaper, hotels would have used it instead of gas. It’s a no brainer. Gas is cheaper.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Depends, some state are providing rebate till certain unit of electricity (like free 100 units of electricity) ,big plus if you have solar panel.

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My elec bill is average 2k+ for 300+ units in MH for family of 2+1. Gas cylinder lasts 2+ months, and i pay full price for it 900+. No brainer for me, to stick to Gas cylinder only.

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