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The PostMighty
Guys I want to open a savings account in indusind bank
My 2 requirements are cashback on fuel purchase and if possible RP on cc bill payment.

Please suggest..I saw both products indie and delite , but not sure about cashback on fuel like whether they are actually giving or fake
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Wingman Wingman
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I don't think indusind gives much benifits comparatively.. recently I closed this bank account

Commentator Commentator
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On delite I guess 5% cashback is there for fuel purchase using delite debit card. On indie, currently 3%cashbback is there but it's offer period after that none.

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Which account do i need to open to get delight dc?

Is dc free or chargable?

Amb how much?

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The PostMighty The PostMighty
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Screenshot2023-12-20-11-49-15-577org.mozilla.fenix Guys I am stuck on this page, I forgot what I had selected for username and mpin.

Is there any possibility to go back to previous steps or retrieve the same, post funding and video kyc?
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