Inflated MRP to show huge discount

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Kindly endorse and retweet. Let's us stop this menace of customers taken for a ride.

Inflated MRP to show huge discount enticing gullible customers for purchase.

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Savings Mentor Savings Mentor
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Yeah that's terrible. Amazon deserves some fines for allowing this kind of nonsense. Our commerce ministry is too weak and ineffective against regulating online ecommerce platforms

Budding Star Budding Star
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sellers wish 

Edit: Whether to purchase or not depends on Buyer as seller is not forcing anyone to purchase 

If you also register as a sellerthen you will come to know what charges and fees they have to pay to Amazon 

Deal Captain Deal Captain
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Bro it is common.

Also it's seller point of view to increase sale. Although such high MRP is Stupidity.

U can compare with similar products & buy.

Because no one forcing to buy.

It's same with every product.

Ex so called  Smartwatches always on 90% discount, bs joy joy.

Specialist Specialist
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If the end price is the same,

Thank the seller

For he has not only delivered the product

But also gift wrapped it

Along with that fictitious saving

Brand Enthusiast Brand Enthusiast
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If customers cannot judge the price of item, sellers take ride like popcorn in multiplex.

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