INOX>PVR converted shares: anyone got yet in demat?

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INOX to PVR swap ratio was 10:3 and INOX stopped trading on Feb 17 (record date).

If anyone here was holding INOX, did the converted shares (to PVR) get credited in demat yet? Also update when you receive them...

Please tag dimers who are into stock markets... @bikidas2060

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PVR ne INOX lelia? huh? 😳
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UPDATE: They sent an email this morning which shows number of converted shares and says "shares have been / are being credited to demat" and would be ready for trading in about 10 working days.

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These corporate action stuff needs some time

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kisi k demat m aaye kya shares ?

Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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Got them few days back, showing up on zerodha console too, but initially they updated it with 2020 rights issue price, created a ticket and they say it'll be updated with correct buy price soon...


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