International Card Transactions Are Getting Declined?


I am facing an issue where all my cards are getting declined on all the international merchant sites who are using Stripe as their payment gateway.

Banks are not helping. Merchants also have no clue about this...And these sites don't have PayPal payment option.. Only cards & Crypto payments.

I have to make a lot of international transactions (depositing money) on various sites & since last few months, all the card transactions are getting declined. On some sites, where they support 3D Secure, the 3D secure page is not even opening & the transactions are getting declined...

I mostly use Niyo & Fi debit cards as both of these have 0% Forex markups on them, so I never had to pay any extra for international transactions.

But now none of these two cards are working. I also tried OneCard because it has 1% markup & even that it getting declined.

Both the banks & the merchants have no clue & only giving me generic & non-helpful replies.

Stripe is a huge payment gateway & most of the international sites I have to use, uses their payment gateway. I even messaged Stripe on Twitter & they told me that, they can't help me unless the merchants approach them directly regarding this issue.

P.S. After making me wait for 4-5 days, this is what Fi customer care sent to me in the email, which does not make any sense at all..
" Greetings from Fi,

This is in regards to your transaction issue raised. As checked there is no issue in account. Account and card is in ACTIVE status. Kindly enable your total card. Also UPI is working.

Kindly reach out to us for any further concerns or help required in regards to Fi.

Fi Care "

Anyone of you also facing this issue?? Even few months back, these same cards used to work perfectly on these same sites.

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Niyo sbm has disabled international transactions. Don't know about fi. 

I have experienced some onecard international transactions failures as well in the past. Can't figure out the cause but at the same time any normal bank cc/DC like axis Flipkart etc worked on the same site without issue. 

Try some traditional bank cards just to narrow down cause of issues. 

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Forgot to mention earlier, both the Fi card & the OneCard are issued by Federal bank but I don't think it's Federal bank's fault because the Niyo card is also getting declined.
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Enable your total card means enable all limits options in the card and put it to Max limits. 

If you have done that already then there is some other problem with fi. 

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I have Niyo by IDFC.. So, I contacted IDFC regarding it but they are unable to resolve it.

Niyo card used to have their own customer support but after they changed their banking partner from IDFC to SBM, the old Niyo card & the zero balance saving accounts now belongs to IDFC..

I'm not sure what will happen when the card will get expired...Will the renewed card  will have Niyo written on it or just the IDFC branding because Niyo has already ended their partnership with IDFC.

And I have all the limits enabled in the Niyo app & also I tried disabling & re-enabling everything & increasing the limits of everything but in vain...

I don't think, there is any issue in the Fi app, as the IDFC Niyo & Federal bank OneCard are also getting declined.

Yes I will have to try major banks cards to see what happens...I have IDFC Select & Diners Privilege cards & the former has 1.99% & the HDFC has 2% Markup charges.

I was avoiding to use them because I have always used these two Niyo & Fi debit cards to save on international transactions but suddenly they all stopped working...

I don't know if it's due to RBI's tokenization rule or Stripe who is at fault here..

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You should receive email or sms with reason, you need to have a back up plan hard currency. Last option is money gram or WU.. Ask someone to go and despoit and you to get money

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I didn't understand your comment. I need to DEPOSIT money on some international sites & they don't have MoneyGram or WU...

And I don't know anyone who will get MoneyGram or WU from me & deposit money from his/her credit/debit cards for me..And the sites won't allow other people to deposit money in my account.

I clearly wrote that the payment system most of these sites support are Credit/Debit Cards & Crypto...

And I am not receiving any decline message or email after the cards are getting declined.

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I mostly use Niyo & Fi debit cards as both of these have 0% Forex markups on them, so I never had to pay any extra for international transactions. Yahi pe yeh log hume lootte ha. What is 1usd to inr rate there as of now?
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Bro...Nhi mujhe hamesha wohi amount dena padha jo Google mein show kiya uss din.

1-2 rupees idhaar udhaar hota hain at the maximum. Main daily basis pe purchase karta hu, toh mujhe pata hota hain ke, if I am paying more than the present exchange rate or not.

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I remember receiving mail from stripe about discontinuing the Indian cards on their platform around a month ago. Your best bet is using a prepaid card issued outside in India try looking for them and you might find it. More power to you.

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Many sites/payment gateways won't allow paying from a pre-paid card, so not sure if that will work.

Stripe messaged me this below in Twitter :

" Hi there—accepting payments for international transactions in India is in beta so it may be the case the merchants are not capable of this feature yet. That being said we wouldn't be able to investigate further without reviewing the merchants themselves. We appreciate this is less than ideal, particularly if you have already engaged with the merchants directly, but we would need them to reach out in order to look into this."

They did not mention that they have discontinued support for Indian cards but says, it's in beta...But I am not sure, then why the heck the same cards used to work on these same sites even 1-2 months back & why banks have no info on this?

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This is for the merchants/sites & not for me...There is no mention on this page that, they don't yet have full support for Indian cards for international transactions, which they told me in the Twitter message.

Also this page has no info on my problem that why all transactions are getting declined...

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My guestimate -  International merchants are declining card transactions originating from India since they don't have a clue about our taxation & the new rule that is about to be levied has led to this denial.

Open Wise MCA (multi-currency account). I think you can use Netbanking to convert & remit the required currency (USD / GBP) into your wise account. While paying on the international sites, you can possibly pay using FX funds in the wise MCA. Hope this helps.

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This doesn't have any solution to my issues...The international sites only accept payments by card & crypto & I have mentioned that multiple times in this thread.
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I am looking for a forex card for my upcoming Germany trip.

I was considering Idfc Wow, Bookmyforex,Niyo Global.

Due to RBI restrictions on Niyo (sbm bank) and negative reviews on bookmyforex (play store)

Could you please suggest some best card options

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So i did my payments just now for the renewal and a new registration, both payments went flawlessly without any issues. Although i am pretty sure they are now charging TCS with the payment i didn't get any error while using my Fi card and Equitas NiyoX card. Both are Visa platinum cards and working as expected on stripe and paypal payments. @Sushrut.B

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I think it's the merchant issue then but I am still unable to understand, how did the same card use to work on the same sites even few weeks before...

Stripe themselves saying that, their international payments in India is in Beta so some merchants may not capable of providing it, but then the payment got rejected on PayPal also...

But I tried the same card on another site yesterday to deposit $20 & it went through. I don't know WTH is wrong...

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Fi card unfairly started charging 2.5%+GST for every forex transactions. It used to be zero markup. Since I have to do a lot of international transactions, this would become very costly for me...

So, I stopped using Fi & did an FD in IDFC & got the WOW Credit card which has Zero Markup. The card number was instantly generated online the day before yesterday & the physical card also came today.

As per my knowledge, this is the ONLY credit card in India which has Zero Forex Markup. Next best is OneCard with 1%.. 

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