Into the Satyug, Treta, or Dwapar

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Which yug you think was the best for life where peace, happiness & prosperity were immense and where both physical & mental abilities were stronger?

Avg height & lifespan of humans across yugs:

Satyug        32 ft           1 lakh years

Treta           21 ft           10 thousand years 

Dwapar       11 ft           1 thousand years 

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Where did you fetch this data from bhai ?

Although the yugas by themselves occur as a series of moral degeneration. So even without any data , satyug is the purest.

But would you call the beings existing then as "human beings" ? that's debatable.

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Height of kalyug that I'm suffering and living in, cause I think my character (not body) is built for satyajug, so I suffer a lot due to being honest, compassionate, protective, caring and loving, when even my closest person gives a FK about me...

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prosperity means ?

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well explained as per each yug...
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Peace does not depend on yug but depends on individual and their daily karma that’s what the vedas say. Only yug traits will be inherited and rest depends on individual

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