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Can anyone help me with how is Falcon invoice discounting rating and should I invest in it??

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I suggest avoid invoice discounting, better go for bonds which are much safer than this.

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In Invoice discounting big capital is invested in a single invoice so there is concentration risk to your capital, if company defaults full capital will be lost 😰, comparatively P2P Lending provides better return with high diversification of capital as your capital is distributed in borrowers in very small chunks like 500,1000 etc therefore the is no risk of capital loss.

ps: I am invested in p2p since 3 years now.

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I will suggest don't go for bonds/p2p/crypto/invoice discounting. better go for mf. Pm me for advice.

I had invested 40 lakh in p2p but now i have withdrawn all my money+ interest .P2p is good till a recession hit then everything will go haywire better be careful.

bonds(wint wealth not rbi ones) and invoice discounting has capital risks.

crypto is gambling .

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bonds are still close to safe, generally no bonds with good rating defaults, but this is not the case with p2p and invoice discounting.

For short term < 2-3 years, you can go with corporate bonds/corporate FD and avoid mf due to market risks.

for term > 3 years, prefer mf & stocks.

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For Invoice discounting, one of the crucial parameters is the platform/site that you use to invest in invoices, since you are completely dependent on the platform for due diligence of the transaction.

For P2P, see this ->

There is no clear formula to compare P2P vs Invoice discounting since these are 2 different asset classes. It boils down to personal choice & risk appetite.
Personally, I am more comfortable with Invoice Discounting vs P2P. Atleast I know about the borrower & the underlying transaction in Inv Discounting as I can do some basic due diligence myself.

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Even I want to know is it safe to invest ?

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