ipad pro celluar qwaschin 2024 ?

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will my old fhon sim or esim work ?

if not then is there any data only esim ?

can u resiv phone caalls on ipad pro ?

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The 'Calls on Other Devices' feature if turned ON .. on a nearby iPhone.. which is logged in with the same Apple ID as the one logged in on the ipad/ ipad pro should let you resiv phone calls on ipad.

This requires one to have an Apple fhon, apart from the ipad.
And the other two conditions are that one has to be logged in via the same Apple account in both the phone and the ipad
and both devices should physically be close to each other.

Facetime application and other VoIP softwares (like: Skype) too allow non cellular calls.

If the carrier allows 'wi-fi calling' then one can set-up the iPhone to allow the same and connect the ipad/ ipad pro to receive the calls.

This requires internet/data and is dependent on the telecom operator allowing calls over wi-fi.

As for the celluar qwaschins 2024, I think even if one takes an ipad with the cellular feature, it will still be only for data and ipad (even with cellular feature) by itself would not allow GSM calls directly from that SIM.
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