Is Bbdaily shutting down?

Deal Cadet

BBDAILY has not been refreshing it’s content regularly. App is still reflecting offers ended 5th Dec.
So much ignorance or have they downsized staff?
Am I reading too much between the lines or is it my desperation for a recharge offer?

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Pro Entertainer Pro Entertainer
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Naya saal mena kar laute nahi honge… pk gin bhai… smile toungueout
Arre, tumhare naam mein hi daaru hai… wink toungueout

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Just not refreshing one page does not mean that they are shutting down.. and all offer are renewed..go ahead and avail

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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tromanosz_1999x wrote:

gin is for ginger

tried the name with my initials. when i coukd not find it i added “in” for india.
eventually it became something different laughing laughing