is CMF by Nothing charger is OK for samsung s23?

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shall I use Samsung official 25w charger or CMF by nothing charger is Ok for Samsung s23?

Has anyone used it before? does it work well with Samsung s23?

will there be any problem with the warranty claim?

CMF charger is around 2699/- on flipkart

Samsung 25w charger is in 999/- on

Please help!

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Yes, you need a USB PD PPS charger @ 25W or higher. The CMF charger fits perfectly and will achieve Samsung Super Fast Charging, even 2.0/45W charging of the S23 Plus and Ultra.

Keep in mind that you HAVE to use a USB-C to USB-C cable. A USB-A to C will bottleneck at 18W via non-PPS or standard USB PD or Samsung Adaptive Charging.

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Thanks mate. Yes will use C to C cable came with the phone. 
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"will there be any problem with the warranty claim?" Only Samsung can answer. My phone is out of warranty so I use whatever charger is available. But during the warranty period I used only the original charger which came with the phone.

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I ordered Samsung charger from fk in 899 with fk gv just 2-3 days ago 

Final cost for me 810 😇 

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anyday i would suggest people to use stock charger/ at least same company charger because a little variation in charging standards will cause irreparable damage to the mobile battery. we will soon notice it in mobile, be it spontaneously or along the time

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There's no variation unless you're buying unknown brand chargers, it's called a STANDARD for a reason.

Samsung phones charge over USB PD PPS, the same as Apple, Nothing, and Google. No reason to give Samsung money for their inferior products at higher prices.
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