Is there a chance to get home loan after Settlement?


My current Cibil score is 717..

I have settled a business loan 8 months ago..The waived off amount at the time of settlement is 1.5 lakh..Now I have contacted the lender and agreed to pay the waived off amount..but now they asking me to pay 2.3 lakh to get the NOC and Cibil Clearance..

Can a bank/nbfc add interest even after the loan account is settled..?

Last month i got a Unsecured  credit card..but curious to know.. whether the banks/nbfcs will give home loans to  customers having SETTLED account in Cibil?

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Wingman Wingman
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They may give if you show stable income. However interest rate will be higher in your case.

Generous Generous
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Home loan is possible with less share of bank (you need to contribute more and bank will hardly disbursed the 50% of property value) and that too at high interest rate. 
have seen HDFC doing with one of my known. 

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Do you got any loan other than home loan after Settlement..?

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yes, possible. They will ask you abut the settlement (from cibil report). Tell them there was some bad service issue.
Home loan is secured loan. They generally sanction the loan.

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Depends on lending bank few NBFC will offer irrespective of CIBIL/Settled loan but interest will be higher.

Its best to negotiate with your existing lender and get CIBIL clearance. Talk to higher management.

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The account was settled on 30th September 2022..

I'm ready to pay outstanding as of 30th September..but they added interest even after Settlement's around 60k extra..

I don't know..if it's allowed by RBI or not..

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Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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There's no point in repeating  "I'm willing to pay" but keep trying if someone hear your voice even after current team don't move an inch then pay off

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If they won't listen...i won't simple as that...Seems they are least interested as they already got 70% of the outstanding amount...

I got a Unsecured credit card approved recently even after having settled status in Cibil...And i don't have any intention to take any loan other than home loan...

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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No need to pay any settlement charges . I have done 3 settlement and got all loans . Based on your payslip they will give even after settlement.
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