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Can we get upstox lifetime free account?

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Hello Traders,

I have Zerodha account and might invest around 50k per annum.
Is it also good to open Upstox account?
I could see Upstox are charging ₹325 as annual charges.

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If you don’t trade and only criteria is investment then stick with Zerodha. If you invest 50k and 1% drop/rise in value would be AMC charges. Don’t ever bother to go with any other brokers who offer free life time accounts which don’t have bigger business (that if you plan to hold on to your holdings for long term). Either Zerodha or Upstox.

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Upstox referal offer available. If u need i can share

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Both Upstox and Zerodha are good if you don’t mind about AMC/20 brokerage, otherwise Finvasia better option for trading, no AMC, no brokerage.

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Then how are Finvasia making money without charging and how can they provide good services with hardly any income?
I wouldn’t mind giving 20rs as service charge but need a good platform with less outages.

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Usually desktop platform don’t give outage, it’s inhouse platforms who are giving headache even top brokers. Finvasia and Upstox have NEST paltform which is good to go in my personal experience. You can check traderji, they answered many times about how they make money. What I care is that they exist in the market for over 4 years in India, and sebi has tightened the rule. I joined them last year and till date haven’t faced any major issue.

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