issue with moto g54

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I bought moto g54 5g 12gb . It is not working properly. Touch screen is freezing . Getting not responding errors from system UI and other apps. What to do? My 5 years old OnePlus 7 is working better than this. 6gb ram
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Try doing factory reset  once.  Reach out to their service center, if it still doesn't works 

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Probably a poor RAM management issue and shouldn't be difficult to diagnose if one is familiar with ADB or Wifi ADB and Shizuku+Termux (no root) I was surprised to see this being reported by a few dimers in the past despite stock Android. No such issue even in case of MIUI in my 12GB Poco F4 in the ~1 year I have used it so far.

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Poor camera/display/optimisation in Moto phones in general.

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probably phone is copying your DP. just kidding.

if in warranty, get it replaced by service center by asking them to replace only.

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If you can run through a power cycle one.
Meaning; remove the battery and reinserting it.
The other way: to do it is to press AND HOLD the power off key and the lower side of the volume rocker down.
Maybe holding the volume down key and the power off key might trigger the screenshot thing.
But continue holding them, till the phone/screen turns off.
It will restart.
If this soft reset helps, then good.

Alternatively, can try to restart it into 'safe mode' and see if the issue/s persist.

Maybe the applications and/or network (especially if 5G latching on is difficult) that is fooling might be fixed in safe mode.

Else might have to claim warranty (or insurance, if there is any).

Just in case; if that is really you in the DP, keep your booty and weight off of the phone please.

By the way, even though i am unaware of your expectations, are you otherwise somewhat satisfied with this device? (Heard multiple times that the camera is okayish. Although the 120Hz refresh works fine on its own apps and basic UI. Third party apps and this 120Hz are not always in-sync.)
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