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I am from Chennai and planning to visit Jaipur and Udaipur from 13th July till 20th July and work over there for a week by staying in hostels and airbnbs.

My Plan - 1st few days in Jaipur followed by Udaipur.

Those who have done this / any locals - kindly help on the below -

1. Is July month ok to visit Rajasthan?

2. Any stays / hostels recommended for this workation?

Right now i have fixed Zostel in Jaipur and Mantra/Zostel in Udaipur + any airbnbs if found affordable.

3. Any other suggestions from your side on the itinerary? Jodhpur/Jaisalmer/Ajmer?

Do note, i need to work between Monday to Friday (Will take any one day as holiday in between)

4. Any places / activities that I shouldn't miss?

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You have a week of vacation and want to work even in that week?

Relax a bit bro

Take 1 more week

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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That is not actually vacation.

Me just trying to go somewhere, as well as work, since i have WFH option for now, wanna use it.

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Too hot even in plains and terai regions... desert pe jaana hi hai tumko?

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It’s raining in Udaipur right now, before 12 July monsoon will be here and you’ll pretty much enjoy Udaipur.

Zostel is ok to stay. 

Avoid going westward.

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Thanks bhai.

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