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With the Paytm going out, the JIO Bank has started its push. 

I see this just another payment bank. What are your thoughts on this ?

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acquisition is possible with only equity control by JIO finance.

holding control of management in bank or banking won't be choice of Ril group.

they could have easily secured license and started again after demerger of Jio Finance but they restricting themselves from years as Jio payments bank wasn't profitable venture due to which they surrendered license.

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For wealthy entrepreneurs like the Ambani group, I'm not sure if there is any money to be made from all this payments bank activity.

This is an Ideal business model for aspiring "rags to riches" entrepreneurs.

I think that Paytm was unable to fulfill its legal commitments to the RBI because of the volume of non-profitable payments bank activities it was involved in and handling user complaints on social media drained away all its internal resources and working time of its employees.

There is no good replacement for Paytm at the moment; my best assumption is that RBI will understand it very soon and withdraw all its restrictions on it.

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