Jiomart order marked as delivered without sharing OTP

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Jiomart agent delivered incomplete order. One of the items CocaCola was not delivered.
The delivery agent said that the CocaCola bottle was damaged  and he will deliver it tomorrow so I said I will share the OTP tomorrow. I did not share the OTP.
After I opened the Jiomart package, I realized that there was leaked CocaCola over all the items I had ordered.
I called the delivery agent and he said that it got leaked at the time of packaging and not during transit.
At the time of delivery, he hid the fact that there was leaked CocaCola in the Jiomart package and left without OTP.
I called Jiomart customer support to raise a complaint and was asked to send email with photos.
I sent the email along with pictures of items covered with leaked CocaCola. 
I have received an automated email reply with ticket no. mentioning that they will get back to me within 24 hrs.

Later at night, I received message that order was delivered even though I never shared OTP for this order.
I expected that it would be marked as delivered only after delivering the missing item.
Is Jiomart delivery OTP meaningless?

Is there anything I should have done differently?

What should I do next? Appreciate any suggestions or advice that you can share.

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Welcome To Jio Paisa Maar.

Now, brush your teeth & wait for their reply.

They may process refund in Jio Mart wallet.

If not , complaint again that Order item missing & ask for refund.

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Thanks for the quick reply. 
Yes, it seems that Jiomart cannot be trusted.
If they don't deliver I will ask for refund to source, don't want to keep a paisa in Jiomart wallet.
I want to give them proper bamboo because not only was the soft drink bottle missing, I had to wipe clean each Individual item that was covered with the leaked soft drink.
Also, the order was marked delivered after 9pm even though it was delivered around 4pm. I have time-stamped pics of items as well as security camera outside my apartment.
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@Stone_man this is what a scam looks like.

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Jiomart orders can be marked as delivered without OTP.

Happened with me once. I ordered some products in a loot deal from jiomart last year and the product was out for delivery, and in the evening it was marked as delivered without any OTP and I have not received my order

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Same. They can mark order delivered without OTP as well

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Jiomart has the process of marking order as delivered without OTP. They have this in case if the client doesn't receive the OTP. The delivery guy would have gone back at 9:00 PM and punched the order as delivered.

Also I have seen that they process refund in 2-3 days but to their wallet. If the item is out of stock before delivery then only in those cases the refund is back to source. Missing or damaged items are typically refunded to Jiomart wallet

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Actually, apart from the OTP message, the OTP is also displayed under order details in the Jiomart app itself once the order is dispatched. What the delivery guy did was wrong.

Jiomart process of delivery agent not requiring OTP to mark order as delivered is so obviously flawed. Imagine if I refused to accept delivery or nobody is at home to receive it and he just left the order outside my door and later on marked it as delivered. And if someone picked it up from outside my home, who would be responsible for the loss?

And Jiomart process of crediting refund to store credit (Jiomart wallet) is also wrong.
By processing refund to Jiomart wallet without giving a choice to the customer, it is basically forcing people to buy from their store again. Definitely not a fair trade or business practice. 

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience of Jiomart process.
Much appreciated.
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Jiomart is only fit for COD. I never prepay for jiomart, ajio. They are number one fraud. Careful with any reliance related

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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COD is the best solution

JioMart only deserve COD

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Soon people will order 2 rupees toffee online. Why do you guys prefer such consumable stuffs online? 2 years ago, I ordered the almonds and cashews online. Upon seeing the quality, I promised myself to never ever buy Grocery items online. At least, I can taste and feel the product before purchasing it.

Even Ronaldo rejected the coco cola during live interview. Mango Drink is somewhat fine in which there are some decent percentage of mango pulps.

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It is generally safe to order branded grocery items online. 

Don't know about the 2 rupees toffee though. Maybe you can tell us more about it.

There are a few items that I don't order online or I am wary of ordering online such as fruits & vegetables, dairy products and frozen items.

I used to order almonds and cashews from grofers (now blinkit) and I was never disappointed with the quality. I also ordered almonds from bigbasket and I was not satisfied with the quality. So, it is different for every online store but yes, I agree that buying dry fruits online can be risky.

Nowadays, I just purchase dry fruits from the local Dmart or Smart Bazaar store.

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not good customer support any update on this ?

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Refund was credited to JioMart wallet. Customer support said it was not possible to refund to source of payment.
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