Jupiter online account opening app scam exposed

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My account was freezed on 14th Feb 2023 and I am waiting from last two months. I contacted customer support several times but instead of providing any solution to my problem they were asking to open account in another bank. If I have opened account with them then I want to use it. Why is his team behaving like this? I also agree to provide clarification. I think their team should give proper reason for blocking the account which will satisfy me.

I don't think I have done any suspicious transaction. But their team told me that there is a problem with my onboarding process but everything was correct and my vkyc was also verified successfully. I received two mails from Jupiter Fraud Operations. The first mail informed about the account freeze and the second mail read 'We have completed our investigation and have granted you partial access to your Jupiter Federal account.'

If they have any doubts, they can physically verify me or I can get my video KYC done again. But answering 'My account is blocked due to suspicious activity, I should open account in some other bank' is not a satisfactory answer from your team. This behavior is out of tolerance.

If they don't want to unfreeze my account then fine but atleast tell me what is the exact reason for blocking the account.

If they think that I am terrorist or looter then they should take legal action, I will answer them myself, but is it right to ask to open account in another bank without giving any reason or solution like this?

They have taken all my personal details and then opened my account and again I have proved myself then only they have successfully verified my video KYC so what can be the doubt in my onboarding process. There is no such transaction to my knowledge which seems suspicious to me. If so then let me know what is the exact reason. They are not keeping any transparency with me about my account so from where will I get transparency about it. I have attached some mails sent to Jupyter team.

I also told shonpinto (a person from jupiter community) about this. Even on Twitter. But my problem was never resolved.

I posted about it on the Jupiter community. There, when I started telling people the reality of Jupiter, Sawan Pinto blocked my community account. Shaunpinto started fooling the people there. So that he can win the trust of the people there by telling false things. Earlier when I was posting about my account getting blocked 2 months back he was hiding my post. There he told that 'I had created many accounts in the name of the family. All the accounts were frozen due to various reasons.

I have not created any account in the name of family. When I told some of my friends about Jupyter account, those friends wanted to open Jupyter account. So I referred them, I think I referred 3 people.

You also know what to check before opening Jupiter account- 1. Mobile number linked to Aadhaar card 2. Name and date of birth should match in PAN card and Aadhaar card. 3. After all this, face verification video recording is done, someone's account is created only after its verification. It is impossible to open an account with a false identity on Jupyter. Then how can I create multiple accounts in the name of family. If the Jupyter team checks the device ID, facial verification, PAN and Aadhaar details of the users referred by me, there is nothing to doubt. Shaunpinto has done very wrong by doing this.

I would urge all of you not to trust these types of online bank account opening apps and do not lose your money in these scams. 

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Any short summary? Don't want to read entire post

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op needs to slow down in life and maybe use this energy somewhere else 

just leave a complaint at RBI

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Is your money stuck still in Jupiter account, or you just want to have access to it? Have you filed a complaint against Federal Bank with the RBI ombudsman? https://www.rbi.org.in/Scripts/Complaint...px

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