Just found an old tiny Android smartphone lying useless in drawer without battery

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Micromax a58 Tiny Android smartphone very light weight fits in fist only detachable battery kharab ho gayi hai 

Is there any way to resurrect this phone why it's very hard to find phone batteries 😭

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Not a viable option but 18650 batteries can be used... 

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Those cylindrical pencil cells would require a non standard mechanism to connect, right?
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It is not THAT old for such spares to not at all be available.

Even for XT1021/XT1023 (Moto E from 2014), someone found an OEM battery just last year (2022-2023) in a town with 40-45 lakh population. But yes, only the biggest shops for spares would even bother to arrange it, sometimes only after multiple requests. And still charge almost 30%-35% of the restless value of the device for the battery and fascia!
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You might recover some old memories. I had similar past experiences. Too good a feeling.

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It could be bad too.

What if you recover memories of your Ex and your wife finds out. 🫣

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This 18650 battery holder will help replacement of battery easy, and wires will be soldered permanently 


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@drupal another thing you can try. Get a phone battery with similar voltage output, and same number of terminal. If it has two terminals, + and - then you might retrofit circular 18650 or any other lithium ion batteries.

But if it has three terminal + positive, negative, and another one (that acts like groud point, but actual connects to the thermistor in the battery which tells  the phone the battery temperature,) then find a smaller capacity, smaller size battery that fits inside the battery compartment of the phone,  then solder the wires to the terminal and cover with kapton tape. Secure the battery to the phone chasis with double sided tape.
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Yes it has 3 terminals which means I cannot use 18650 battery??

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Is middle connection is necessary? @Total_Fun what if connect only + and -

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Unfortunately, it is Not going to work.  Phone needs the resistance value in that 3rd ( middle) terminal. So soldering a right  value of resistor  should solve that problem.

There's  more things you should know.

> You  cannot directly connect the 18650 battery to phone, you need BMS ( battery Management System) circuit board in between them. Otherwise it  damage the battery ( due to improper voltage amperage, certain types of li-ion batteries follow a certain type of Charging graph. So there are dedicated BMS boards for 18650 cells.

Best solution is powering the phone directly from charger ( or external power bank).  Not with 18650 cells.

No battery mod by GreatScott: 

incase  you're still interested in using 18650 cells check these YouTube videos


• Install  external ( 18650) batteries to phone.

18650 Cell : 

Why you should always use a  BMS for Li-ion batteries: 

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