Kotak debiting my account after 8 months

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https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/755598/medium/Screenshot_20220330-144704_2.png?1648635337Kotak bank had blocked 3639 earlier which I couldn’t understand why, later which CC said that Amazon had refunded me incorrectly in July 2021. Can they do this after so long?

Also I immediately contacted Amazon but they have no details. Infact I agreed to refund but they say that amount is already settled from our end ( I have even closed the pay later account around 3-4 months back)

I had booked train tickets via Amazon Pay Later and settled the same. However 2 weeks later amount was reflecting back in my statement
Now 8 months later they put that amount on hold and yesterday received email & text that Amazon is being refunded, contact Amazon helpdesk

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Account Reconciliation at year’s end

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saucap wrote:

Account Reconciliation at year’s end

Is it allowed? As in customers case we don’t get such a a long period for chargeback. Also amazon has sent me zero communications stating any request for payments. Infact I gave them specific txn so they can check which shows settled. Also they say there are no remarks or qualifications on my account history and pay later account doesn’t even exist. Also the payment non conciliation issue should be with Capital Float.
I have no issues repaying but now my expected arrangements are hindered

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