Kotak League Platinum Credit Card Lifetime Free Verify

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I was getting Pre approved Kotak League Credit card which they claimed to be lifetime free, both in Emails and in sales calls. While applying from netbanking, it was also mentioned that Annual fees - 0 and Joining Fees - 0. 

But after I recieved the card, in the paperwork, nowhere it is mentioned LTF card, rather it was mentioned "spend 50K to waive off annual fees". 

How do I confirm that my card is LTF or not. If you have similar experience, please share. 

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I think you are getting 3 cards  to choose from. I assume it is LTF you have the 0 annual free in the screenshot.

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I got approx. 10 cards in pre approved offer. But only League was showing 0 annual  fee and 0 joining fee. For rest amount was mentioned. Email was also received regarding lifetime free League credit card. So, I chose that only. But LTF is nowhere mentioned in paper documents received with the card.
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Just mail customer care and they will confirm it for you. 

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Yes, I asked in twitter DM, they just took my phone number. And then replied that "credit card in my CRN is a LTF card". I asked them to give the confirmation in e-mail too.

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For me, it shows League Platinum under pre-approved and when I click the Apply now button, it loads the "Get Kotak 811 FD-backed #DreamDifferent card" page. 😠

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Why did you opt for this card? It has got virtually no benefits. Close to 0% returns. Not worth the hassle

The LTF 811 Dream Different card at least gives 1% cashback in the form on Rs 750 on annual spend of Rs 75,000 (The numbers might be off, I don't remember). Fo for this if you want a Kotal Credit Card for offers

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Got this only for Sale discounts. I got M33 5G (6 GB) for 12K only with Kotak CC. Also bought smart TV for 7200 with this card. 
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