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I have an ancestral plot in the village on the road, in my name and my brother's. My mother is alive. We verbally and via the village people agreed to part the land in half; I got the Northern half and constructed a house. I am lowering my trust in my brother as he may cause problems by saying that I want the northern side. What legal remedy should I prepare so I don't get stuck in the future?

Which is the most cost-effective way? Partition deed/ registry? Land is only 5000sqr feet.

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Get it registered and have your family members including your brother's signature on the document..

May be convey registration is to get some loan.

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There issomething called partition deed that needs to be registered. If it is ancestral property your mother might have right. To solve make partition deed, register it 

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Registery karwa lo.

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If this is an ancestral property, you ,your mother, and brother ( together with any one else if it is so )

are the joint owners.

You have an  unauthorised  construction on part of the land.

If mutually agreed the above property can be partitioned by means of a partition deed.

or legally whatever the inheritance law says will be applied .

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Most important thing better to register khasra number under your name

Khasra number registration is far far more important than normal registry of the land

We call it dakhil kharij here in Uttar Pradesh

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khasra number has my and my brother's name. The issue may arise for the northern vs southern portion. 
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I have been living on this land for 25 years. A small house has been present since then. Electricity Connection is also in my name. Since 3 years they have started living in southern part with there electricity connection. We have constructed more on northern side with their consent verbally. How can a electricity connection help us in the direction matter ie mine is north portion?

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I got reply from a Lawyer
" An oral partition has been acknowledged. Consequently, the share of the property was acquired and has remained in your peaceful possession to date without any disturbance. To substantiate your possession and enjoyment of the property, among other supporting evidence, the water tax, property tax, electricity service connection, and utility bills in your name should suffice to affirm your title to the property, in addition to the mutation records bearing your name.

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What are mutation records for a rural land?

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