Does amazon really accept old laptops in exchange offer_
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Laptop exchange offer on Amazon

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From online reviews, I have seen that Flipkart exchange offers are a sham. They expect a new-like product to be given to them at a pathetic price, which can be sold as it is (as refurbished) on 2Gud. Anything worse, or even normal wear and tear, is not acceptable to them.

They reject exchanges on purpose, as 3 out of 10 times, due to the excitement of the new item, people pay the difference and end up buying the item without any additional exchange benefit they were promised, despite that offer being a prime factor in the decision to buy the product.

I have also read that ekart deducts salary from the delivery associates if they accept a less than pristine product for exchange (hard to believe)

Now, my actual question is, if you have any experience with amazon. Are they any better? Do they consider normal wear and tear as acceptable?

The thing is, I recently ordered an Asus Tuf A15 base model, which barely comes in stock, under exchange offer. I waited for it a lot, and it took a lot of effort to arrange an Amazon Pay card and to finally order it after wrong delivery issues reported recently. I am from a rural area, so I am not expecting a delivery associate who knows much about stuff. I am confused on what I should do with my old laptop if they reject my laptop for exchange.

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Amazon is usually good. They accept exchanges without too much scrutiny. Yes, Flipkart is horrendous during an exchange.

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Off Topic – any one who has tried cashify for mobile and laptop selling

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desiman wrote:

Off Topic – any one who has tried cashify for mobile and laptop selling

I have sold mobile on cashify, but long back. Their prices are not as good as they used to be. And my current location is not served by Cashify.