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Bought MacBook air M1 8gb ram, 256 gb ssd for 59k in exchange of old windows laptop (3rd gen i3)

Can i get it for less from offline stores?

Is it worth the price?
Usage: normal usage, ms office and browsing only.
Will this machine last for next 4-5 yrs or should i cancel and wait for M2 for price drop as currently it is worth 1 lac

M1 users kindly give ur reviews

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Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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ms office in macbook ( strange )

ofcourse it is worth deal .

use it , it will last way longer, don't overspend for M2.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Already using ms office on mac, cracked version
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apple is expensive to repair. plus in 4-5 ywear 8gb will feel short. same is for storage. better get a 13th gen i5 laptop. 

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Already having few apple products, so i have to go with MacBook only. I am also sceptical with the ram i am getting(8gb), that's why came here here for pro tips. Storage wint be an issue for me as i have one external ssd. So this 8gb will be enough for the next 4-5 yrs? as my usage won't change in the future also
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Benevolent Benevolent
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Benevolent Benevolent
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It is fine for ur usage even with 8gb ram but if u do heavy work on excel u'll face crashes in ms excel it's not optimized for m1 yet

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Honestly never faced this kinda issue. Whatever I have thrown to the Mac, it can do fluidly, be it video editing or heavy text editing.

You are using original MS Office? Feels strange, since I do use excel too just for compatibility sake, though always feel that the builtin Mac apps like Pages/ Numbers are way better.
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Last best price of M1 air I know off is 60k. Online amazon sale which lasted for an hour. Then the price became 63k, which was still good.

Now you should decide what your old windows laptop is worth?

As per the device longevity, I am using the Mac air m1 for 2-3 years, had bought at around 67k in 2021. It’s a lovely device which I can carry wherever I want. When at home I have a larger monitor which I use with the air via a hdmi cable. The display is a bit small, that’s the only downside I find, but again it helps in its portability.

Mac generally gets OS upgrades for 6-7 years at least. In that way Mac air m1 should get Os Upgrade till 2026 at least. Eg my office workstation MacBook Pro 2015 got its last os upgrade in 2022 and yet it runs perfectly fine in 7+ years. It still gets regular patches and security updates.

Last but not the least, a person switching over from windows to macOS will face several learning curves. I still remember I couldn’t fathom how to get the scroll bar. And today, I hate the scroll bars wasting precious screen space on a windows machine. 
So if one doesn’t want to adapt a bit to the new os, one shouldn’t switch os.

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