Lead Acid Battery Vs Lithium Battery for Home Use

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Lead Acid Battery Vs Lithium Battery for Home Use

I saw some reels about company claiming Lithium battery lasts longer than while it is lesser weight and smaller factor

su vatstika some brand name.

Will there be any mis happ if we replace lead acid battery with lithium one

Why exide and other reputed battery companies do not manufacture Lithium batteries for home use ?
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Li ones are very costly for same rated power

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Lead-acid batteries are economical and offer very good value for money considering their life span.

If it is lithium-ion batteries you are referring to, fresh lithium-ion batteries are very expensive and not an economical replacement for lead-acid batteries for household use.

If the price of an electronic device (or the battery pack by itself) using lithium-ion batteries sounds reasonable for household use, they are using recycled old battery cells which do not hold charge well or packs up after few recharge cycles. 

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lead acid has hassles of toping up water. if you are careless then it wont last more than 4 years.

switch to lithium ion system as it is a little more costly but offers more benefits then lead acid system. no maintenance, more power, small space etc.

lead acid system will cost 15-20k whereas liion will cost 25-30k

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Unless someone is buying them directly at the factory doorstep in china where fresh lithium-ion cells are manufactured, there is no way to make sure these are whether fresh ones or recycled ones.

After they recycle the old ones into new plastic shrink-wraps, the old ones looks like brand new. 

If  you can find a supplier offering a 3 year replacement on their lithium-ion batteries, then its worth taking the risk. Otherwise there is 99% chance these battery packs will fail.

Some tubular battery manufacturers offer up to 3 years warranty on their battery. 

The light weight and maintenance free advantages of lithium-ion batteries for household use does not outweigh this risk the consumer is taking, considering the situation right now.

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How much is the power cuts duration and times in your area

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Lithium ion have more chances of explosion 
Lithium phosphate is much safer
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