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Need to buy leather shoes for dad.
Which are good and budget friendly brands in India?

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Kim_Jong_jun wrote:

Need to buy leather shoes for dad.
Which are good and budget friendly brands in India?

budget friendly becomes a subjective (and dicey) frame of reference (especially in the era of non friendly budget).
what might be normal for @Grootdeal might not be so for a ‘Supreme leader’ (of 조선민주주의인민공화국 the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) like you.

also, the intended use too could be elaborated, than just the materials.

strictly formalwear with limited to no exposure to the elements (grime, slush, dust, rain) would have different options while all terrain gear could have even Lowa (by LOrenz WAgner, 🙂elder brother) or at-least Hans Wagner’s Hanwag Tatra-2 GTX https://amazon.in/Hanwag-Tatra-GTX-Hiking-Boot/dp/B083NGS9LK or the
other high ankle support options like https://www.hanwag.com/eu/en-gb/men/trekking/tatra-ii-gtx the Hanwag Tatra II https://amazon.com/dp/B079XTTF67
both of which were mentioned by some bloke in https://www.desidime.com/forums/hot-deals-online/topics/pre-book-crocs-footwear-at-min-60-upto-80-off?page=1#post_7019668 a deal topic by @Total_Fun

but otherwise, for Uncle🙇🏽ji for average dailywear as also office or occasions (gatherings, functions) you can have definitely a dekko at Hush Puppies with Bounce sole type.
My own Paa🙇🏽… if i recollect correctly, on and of continued using one (original: non China made) pair for over a decade (12-13 years minimum i saw/remember).

🧔🏻Paa🙇🏽 really meticulous (even fussy) about everything, but then too they (the Hush Puppies Bounce) lasted quite long.
(then too, the shoe upper was okayush but sole ultimately cracked).

The main/only reason i mentioned it as first option is because you prefer value for money local option; so Bata India (which represents brands like Power, Hush Puppies) came to mind
within Bata, for fwather light sole, nothing can @surpass Bounce.

otherwise, brand name just does not matter. Any decently made, hand crafted pair too would do just fine… so lobg as the craftspeeson knows and takes pride in their craft.

Rather concentrate on whether one requires broad toe design, any bunion, corn at typical places, ingrown toe nails or broad feet do NOT go well with pointy or non rounded tip designs.
Unfortunately (for me) not many round or broad toe designs in decently crafted, non leather sole, branded shoes come in brogues (brogue design is the classic i prefer. 🙂with laces of-course).

i have conditions like corn, flat foot, knocking knees, careless habits, other issues which mske slip-ons (pump shoes) unsuitable to me.

but even there, Liberty, Bata type old names have plenty of choices.

Woodlands is no longer that much VFM.
but the bigger issue i found was their limited scale in officewear pure leather (but NOT leather sole).shoes.

Red Tape: kids/relatives of the Mirza Tanners clan studied with us back in 2002-2004 and would often be on giveaway spree of their store coupons, but i never took them seriously back then. Now them and “Mochi” are sad big brands!
Kishore Biyani (Future Group) had purchased many brands, including the mee too (copycat/ fake-ish) ones like Lee Cooper.
But i feel, for 🙇🏽Uncleji one can aim higher.
Much as i prefer pure cotton garments from the likes of (Raymonds) ColorPlus or (Century/AV Birla group) Louis Philippe, Van Heusen…. i would not be keen on trying them in other verticles, that too with “critical” stuff like footwear.
as that is neither their forte, nor their interest.

yes, footwear are almost as ‘critical’ as pacemakers or blood thinners are.

that is why (except casual floaters or previously tried exact models of floaters or basic chappals of no brainer beands like Paragon, Relaxo) i never purchase such things without first trying.
no online vonline even if i am getting them for free.

better find out the typicalities of the person, their foot first and deciding on “type” of shoes makes more sense, i guess.
PU soles, i think, crack up if left unused in humid or hot climates or most of the urban tropical polluted environment…
i think rubber, and the now common TPRubber soles are likely more durable.

nowadays, most formalwear would have leather, PU or TPR soles only, although other composites too get experimented with.

hope you find some nice, comfortable, lasting (specifically crafted) customised pairs or similar mass marketed (branded) ones.
Can surely have lace ups AND pump shoes (with the latter getting used more often for daily errands, chores et al).
Bata, Liberty also have good ‘non leather’ pump shoes too… by the way.

aadimaanav wrote:

Bata, Liberty also have good ‘non leather’ pump shoes too… by the way.

aur… nahi tou Vibrams dilwa dou😄😉

[Vibrams, as per me, are not the most ideal for sprinting or heavy running]
even the earliest Vibrams too (due to their minimalistic design) were often prone to early wear and tear

KSO are good for first time users (coming from sports shoes background) https://www.trailspace.com/gear/vibram/fivefingers-kso/
so also the relatively high ankle type designs https://www.walmart.com/ip/Vibram-Five-Fingers-Men-s-V-Run-Black-Yellow-Ankle-High-Running-Shoe-9-5M/190035358
V-Trek Mens Black Gum (some liked them, i couldn’t try them nor felt that they fit the bill) https://www.vibrams.co.uk/products/v-trek-mens-black-gum

https://www.atmosphere.ca/categories/footwear/mens-shoes/hiking-shoes/non-waterproof-hiking-shoes/product/vibram-mens-fivefingers-v-trail-trail-running-shoes-black-grey-332242382.html are reasonably good for average daily use. but Vibram men’s trail running shoes are again not meant for use through sludgy areas or sloshes, heavy rains.