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I have IDFC wealth debit & credit cards. Also received Dreamfolks Privelege card from IDFC. Can i take 1 add on card for my spouse and whether it will be having lounge access or not? Is taking add on card is good or bad?

How to activate Dreamfolks privelege card?

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Taking add on is fine.. it shall have lounge access but i think it would be shared. Not 100% sure though.let other dimers confirm. Even I need to apply add-on for my dad’s select card

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As far as I understand/know IDFC add-on cards do not have complimentary lounge access. I’m not sure of dreamfolks. I suggest to refer the product documentation, check with customer care (atleast 3-4 times a day randomly until you get a consistent answer).

Taking add-on card is not bad, it lets you take advantage of card specific offers, reduces dependency on primary card. Of all the cards I experiences, only HDFC gives add-on card with same card number as primary

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