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Dear Everyone,

I am quite confused regarding the criteria ICICI Bank uses to decide its limit of Apay ICICI CC. This was my second card and the Limit I received is Rs. 50K. My CC was approved in 12 Hrs although I did not have any previous relationship with the bank. No Income Proofs asked.

My CIBIL as I last checked in 763 and my annual gross income is 13 LPA and in hand is about 80-85k every month. Although I received SMS of CC approval I sent my Salary Slip to ICICI via e-mail. I don't think they even used that info. CC Limit of my first CC was 1.5 Lakh and that was after 3 months of employment and now after 18 months this is what ICICI thinks I am worth seriously??

Any one faced similar issue?

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Don't worry about CC limit. It has nothing to do with your earning. For my 20 LPA they approved it as 70K.. Later after 2 years I checked and its now 7.5 lakh, I reduced it down to 7 myself. Just use it on regular basis if you shop a lot from amazon. I must have got  few k cashback till now. Its the best LTF card as per me. No useless reward points and their redemption fee for some item from their catalogue. Just pure and simple cash at the end of the month. 

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they gave me limit of 4.2L, i hardy earn 2.5L per annum.

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Same here.... Yeha Card Rewards Se Kharcha Pani Chal Raha Hai....or ye Bhai Sahab 13 LPA lekar bhi CC ke liye chintit hai🥲

Hey upperwale! aap niche aa rahe ho ya main upper aau🥲

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Don’t worry on credit limit bro. This card is very generous in credit limit enhancements. You’ll get LE soon.

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I have 9L lol.

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