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I'm getting so many calls these days from HDFC credit card department, they're giving below LTF HDFC credit cards with a higher limit than any other existing credit cards. Which LTF HDFC credit card should I take?

LTF HDFC CC offering: Regalia, Millenia, Money-back, Indian oil.

Note: I'm not an HDFC account holder and not holding any HDFC credit card.

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you sure its from hdfc and not 3rd party agents? 

Out of these, Regalia is the best card and comes priority pass but depending on your usage, Millenia might be better. 

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How to identify 3rd party agents? What I mostly do is ask them to send an email with their official email before submitting any credit card application with all the details. Is there any way to know them better before applying for a credit card?

I'm confused between Regalia and Millenia, which one could be better for me? I'm mostly into online/offline shopping and rarely travel between different states.
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A mail from an official hdfc address confirming a LTC card (not spend based waiver) should be fine.

Millenia gives you 5% on amazon/flipkart/myntra/bms and some more

1% on almost all other spends..

both categories capped at 1k/month .. 

1L spend every quarter gets you 1000 GV on top..

So , if you spend 1L every quarter, that's 1% extra effectively. points can be redeemed against statement balance. 

Its a good LTF card if you are getting it. 

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It's a 3rd party agent bro, i also got a lot of calls from them in my secondary sim for  hdfc bank cc, The interesting thing is they will offer u almost all bank cards so that u forget what to say that time and fall in trap, later after applying u will get a cc according to ur cibil condition not what he offered or assured. I remember once i got a call from them, first they told me that they are from hdfc bank and will give me cc as per my choice then i told them i already have hdfc bank cc, they then quickly jumped to offering me sbi cc, i just could not believe what he said, i told them how can u offer me sbi card if u are from hdfc bank, then he told me that he is from marketing agent who can offer u any cc of any bank, then i told them stop irritating me, i do not need any cc and if i feel needed then i myself will apply via oficial website or via Branch

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"credit cards with a higher limit than any other existing credit cards"
bank people never speak like this because this is open lie
Open savings account and apply to get 1500 amazon gv, millennia for you better

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They r third party agents for sure smiley

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third party agents .. they even did not know my name ,,offered me Regalia.. must be a trap

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