make payment on paypal international gateway


ok, for ussual international purcahse credit card works fine , but where there is paypal for payment it ask for some RBI KYC before just to make payment , anyway to bypass it?

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oh it asks??? hmm i dont remember it asking me as such maybe i created my paypal account with KYC long before

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Good  , i dont want to do KYC just to make payment thru my credit card
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They must collect the KYC, they will not allow the payment without the KYC.
Sometimes, they allow payment directly through the card without login, of that option is available, then you can make the payment without the KYC.

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sometime ? Almost all the F time i have been payingin $ on international gaming website and other sites  this si the first time some website ask for KYC mandated by RBI , when i see RBI in name i understand its for soe thing bad news. so i wanna void it like cancer

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