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Which mamaearth  cream was good  acne and pimples  or any other  one .. 
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forget mama earth fraud or any other serum.

if trying to cure acne, use bezoyl peroxide gel 2% or Clindamycin gel, (both safe to use without doctors advise, see google for more advises)

or Tretinoin(take doctors advise before this)

Salicylic acid based gel can also be used.

natural remedy- turmeric, lemon based pack. Then milk to keep hydrated.

NO MAMA EARTH SERUM WORKS, On the other hand extremely Costly compared to pharmacy products.

Better take good dermatologists advice only once, then follow that.

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These are cosmetic brands , won't help a bit

Search for non comedogenic products

I would recommend torrent ahaglow face wash and clindamycin cream/gel

Tretinoin tablets is the raamvaan ilaz for this but it comes with side-effects, doctor's advice should be taken

Tretinoin cream/gel with low concentration is recommended

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