max number on active debit card on icici

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i got my rupay dc today do i need to black my visa dc or it will keep working as usual 

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Can you try one thing. Don't create pin for your new icici rupay debit card, also don't block visa.  Don't use rupay for ATM and offline. Only active online for rupay from the mobile app

I have heard that in case of ICICI if you do not create pen or do any ATM transaction or do not activate the card then the previous card will not be blocked automaticly and turning on the online transactions on your rupay card doesn't mean that you have activated rupay card so you can have two debit cards at the same time if you wish to just use the rupay card for online purposes

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You can only have one active debit card. Once you activate the new one, the old one will get deactivated in a few days.

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