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Hi Everyone,

I already have Star Health Young India Insurance for myself for which I pay ₹6k annualy. I got married in November 2023. Now I want to know if there are insurance covers for maternity and pregnancy for my wife.

We are planning for a baby in 2025, and the medical cost goes to ₹3-4 lakh in my city in pvt hospital. Doctors are looting here in the name of C section delivery.

I want to buy insurance for her that covers maternity/pregnancy.

Kindly guide me.
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Joy Maternity Insurance plan is available from CARE with sum insured of 3 & 5 Lakh. Take a look. Also, you can avail services of Ditto to choose suitable insurance plan. 

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You should have added her in policy in nov 23 itself as there is 2 year waiting period for pregnancy in star

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Check out the newly launched plan from Niva Bupa named Aspire.

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congratulations and cheers to your plan.

i would suggest to opt for cover/policy with existing MI provider. you will get benefit of continuity and bonus as well.

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