MH370: Uncovering the biggest aviation mystery

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What, according to you, are the factors that caused sudden disapperance of such huge airplane Boeing 777 flight MH370?

I reckon it was a deliberate attempt from Captain by locking himself safely inside cockpit after asking First Officer to go out of cockpit by making some excuse.

He switched off all the technical signals & radars in order to prevent any detection of flight path.

He was well aware of all the technical specifications of Boeing 777 airplane.

He flew the plane for several hours and then crashed it into somewhere in southern Indian Ocean.

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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This is a documentary from the YouTube god lemmino. Hope it will help you in this regard.

Benevolent Benevolent
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The captain theory is to shift people's attention. I am more interested in the military base theory but amrika will not provide details on it.

Specialist Specialist
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It is a craft to disappear in air

Analyst Analyst
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Ideal was pilot.. smiley_cat

Generous Generous
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i dont give two piece of sit about this !!!

also there was a famous tweet about "WHERE IS THE FORKING PLANE ?" from A MAJOR official twitter handle

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